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We are licensed and insured and registered for business in Beautiful St. John’s county, proudly serving Saint Augustine and surrounding areas. Get a free estimate or talk with us about your power washing and gutter cleaning needs today!

Stop Missing Your Weekends.
Stop Risking Your Neck.

Power washing takes hours. Cleaning your gutters is dangerous! Don’t spend your weekend power washing your home, driveway or other hardscape. We’ll make your home sparkle again while you enjoy it.

Don’t be one of the thousands of people who injure themselves cleaning their gutters or worse. You know it’s dangerous but you know it has to get done! Let a professional make sure your gutters are clear so you can rest safely knowing your house is safe from blockages and water back ups into your home.

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Pricing Estimate Guidlines

Gutter Cleaning

*Full-Service Gutter Cleaning Includes:

  • Before and after pictures of your gutters!
  • Removal of all rooftop, gutter, and downspout debris
  • Flush of gutters and downspouts to ensure they are draining properly
    Pricing on gutter cleaning: Most single story homes $140-$200. Most 2 story $190-$300. It all depends on size of the home as well. I’ve cleaned some very big houses that got expensive but that’s sort of what it is on a regular house (under 2500 sq ft) 

Power Washing

  • Exterior cleaning, high pressure
    or chemical soft wash available
  • Also cleaning of driveways, walkways,
    patios, fencing.


  • Homes $275-$600,
  • Driveways and Fencing $125-$225,
  • Patios $175-$275

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